A Stop at Quilt Shop

This past Wednesday I went with a group of friends to four quilt shops. The last shop we stopped at was Luv 2 Quilt, in Rockford, Michigan.

Maryevelyn, who owns the shop, is very friendly and was happy to let me take some photos of the shop in its new location. I was delighted with the fabrics she had for quilters to purchase. There was something for everyone--primitives, batiks, solids, modern, 30's, novelties. She made good choices in her stock.

Walking into the shop we liked the spaciousness.

There are many sewing notions and patterns along one wall. 

Books were located further into the store along with rulers and templates.

She has a huge sewing/classroom area.

You can see that the lighting is great; and, there is plenty of room for shoppers to move around.

There is a large rack of fat quarters, but other fat quarters can be found around the shop.

We all agreed it was a great place to shop and we would return. 

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Quilting and Socializing with Friends

In the past 2 weeks, I have had opportunities to spend time with quilting friends. I've enjoyed having this time to socialize. I didn't work intensely on projects as chit-chatting and laughter filled much of the time.

One friend has invited me and two other friends to her house on a twice-a-month schedule to sew, chat and share lunch. The other day I took hand sewing--an apple core  project I began 2 years ago in a class at AQS Grand Rapids. It wasn't suppose to be hand sewn, but it became my traveling project. I took it with me to Florida in February and on weekend trips away from home. Sometimes I got many pieces sewn together, while other times nothing got done. When I attach the last of the apple cores I have cut, it will be done.
I am not sure what it will become, but it is colorful.

Yesterday we four took a road trip stopping first at a primitive antiques shop. I bought a "rug beater" which I always wished I had and a small decorative bees skep (never actually used for bees).

We ate lunch at Turk Lake Restaurant, where I enjoyed a very delicious house-smoked brisket sandwich. On the way home we stopped at four quilt shops. The last shop was Luv 2 Quilt. Maryevelyn had recently moved to this new and larger location. Tomorrow I will have a blog post with photos. Our trip was filled with laughs, enjoyable chats, and a few wrong turns!

Tuesday I was able to attend the once-a-month open sewing held at the church. Three other women were sewing with me; and, we shared fun and pleasant conversations about many topics, including some memories of childhood adventures, travels and, of course, quilting projects. I took my machine and worked on these items.
4 baby burp cloths for a friend

Pillow from one of hubby's shirts

Quilt-as-you-sew table runner that needs binding
I added the stars to the Wavy Banner from a pattern I designed.
I was reminded of how enjoyable it is to sew with friends, old and new. I look forward to this next month as I attend the AQS Show in Grand Rapids where I will be taking some classes--and meeting quilters from many places.

Do you sew with a group? Is it large or small? What kinds of projects do you sew? I enjoy reading your comments and try to respond to all replying here or via email.

Thanks for stopping and letting me share with you.


Storage Solution Found

I was cleaning out a closet in the guest room. I found some banners and small quilted wallhangings folded on one of the shelves. We all know that folding quilted items can cause a crease and wear and tear on the fabric threads. I have large quilts stored in a few dresser drawers and one hall closet (yes, I have many quilts).

What could I do to store these items without folding them? I may have seen this somewhere in the past, but a light bulb went on when I saw all the plastic hangers that came out of the closet! I could easily cut the bar across the bottom in half and slip the sleeve of each item on a hanger. (My husband let me use his mega-type dremel saw because he thought a small craft saw would take too long.) They could hang in the back of the closet and ready when needed.

Have you come up with a clever or easy way to store your quilted items? I'm always interested in a helpful suggestion on how to store my quilts. 


  • I visited a new quilt shop called 2nd Street Quilt Shop: Read more here.
  • My Fourth of July quilting projects can be seen HERE.

Val discussed appreciating where we are in our creative journey in life HERE. Maybe my cleaning and purging made me appreciate this post.


A New Quilt Shop

This past Saturday I visited my sister. While the husbands enjoyed watching a game on TV or sitting on the patio with a cold one or two, we went to a new quilt shop she had seen on her way home from work.

What a great name. It is on 2nd Street in Rochester, MI. If you click the shop name above, it will take you to the home page. The shop opened just 5 weeks ago. They set up in a house and have used each of the main floor rooms to showcase themes of fabrics. I had a very nice time talking to Heather, one of the owners. They are very enthusiastic and delighted to talk quilting!

I got permission to take some photos to show you what they have. They have fabrics I like--brights, geometrics and solids to name a few. The displays are done nicely. It is bright and open. It is fun to explore the various areas.

This was the door we entered. 

And the first item that caught our eyes was this lovely sample of one of 
Laura Heine's patterns, Perfect Form Dress Form Collage!
Kaffe Fassett fabrics were to the right. 

To the left we looked and saw the batiks and this lovely giraffe collage pattern sample. 

We headed through the door to the back porch area and found a wrap around porch. This had baby items in it. There was minky on a shelving section. I bought a bit of light pink to make some Funky Friends Factory bears from the free pattern on the website. (You'll find the pink bear on the Home page.) On the floor in the photo there is a sample of a tuffett that my sister and I decided to work on when we get together this summer.

And who wouldn't want to make their own umbrella with any choice of fabric(s)?

We made our way back into the main quilt shop, but only after passing by these fun kids prints.

The largest room held so many modern prints. I found light grays with small prints to use as 
neutrals in my projects. There were some wonderful solids and floral prints. 

A view from another angle.

 The front porch was a seasonal embroidery area with Christmas and Halloween samples.

We left the quilt shop and walked next door to the Cupcake Station 
where we bought a carrot cupcake to split. It was delicious and I forgot to take a photo!

If you are in the area, do make a stop. Tell them you read about them on my blog. 


Quilting Progress Bit by Bit

I have made slow progress on my projects of late. It seems "life" just puts other things in my way that take precedence. So I go with the flow. I also found that it was difficult to get my brain thinking and sewing quilt block units after surgery and 4 weeks of not sewing. I changed my plan by sewing some simple table runners.

This weekend my husband and I made a trip to the east side of the state to see my sister and her husband. We stayed the night and then went home by way of a visit to the newlyweds. I had made the simple 10-Minute Table Runner before the trip. I gave one to my sister

and one of these to our daughter. (The other was mailed to our out-of-state daughter.)

I did find time on Monday to make some hot pads. I tried to use blue embroidery thread. Not having to change thread colors made it go a bit quicker. I couldn't resist making the turquoise hot pad, so that was a thread change. I am getting much better at the quilting of the layers. I have done enough of these that using the free motion embroidery foot around the state outline and then the circular quilting around the background is very easy.

The Gridster's Bee blocks were sewn and sent out to the recipients for June and July! They were both fun to make. 
Mary got these colorful confetti stars. If you'd like to make this HERE is the link.

Carol got this very large 18" Patriotic Star Block and the link is HERE.

The August block for Debbie comes from the Homestead Hearth and I will be making Block 4. For quite a few months, I have been interested in making this quilt for myself. This might be the start.