Will I Get It Done?

August 1 is the reveal of the Four-in-Art group challenge quilts. I am down to the wire with finishing it. I am ready to begin to quilt the layers. I plan on using metallic thread and just cross my fingers for luck that it cooperates. I am going to sew straight lines and it might work without me trying to free-motion stitch with it.

I will give you a peek at what what I've been doing.

I have been working on three different projects, which hasn't helped with my organization. So I have a mess.

The Four-in-Art reveal involves some paper piecing.

And pieces cut with this 60 degree ruler:

So I end this post to go off to begin quilting.
If you have any good quilting vibes to send out to me, I would appreciate them.
I hope on August 1, you'll come see if I succeeded.
Happy quilting!


  1. Sending good vibes your way, Nancy! It looks intriguing!

    1. Thank you. It is coming along well.